Charles Bukowski Memorial Drinking Club

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We are the San Francisco Chapter of the Charles Bukowski Memorial Drinking club. We meet at dive bars, drink cheap liquor, and discuss Bukowski?s work, horse races and how much we hate our bosses. We believe in camaraderie, strength in numbers and the Power of the Brown Bag. We meet every Wednesday at a TBD bar in San Francisco There are only a few rules for the Charles Bukowski Memorial Drinking Club:

- Everyone is welcome. Prior knowledge of Bukowski?s work is not required, and is in fact, discouraged.
- If you work at the Post Office, the group must buy you a drink.
- All disputes must be settled with a fist fight.
- Hip flasks and clandestine bottles of liquor inside of bars are encouraged.
- All for one and one for all. When one of us gets ejected, we all leave RSS Feed what is XML?

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